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Sewer Cleanout Installation in Oahu

Your sewer lines may be the last thing on your mind throughout the year, but it only takes one incident to regret leaving them out of sight and mind! While the majority of your sewer system is located underground and requires a professional to evaluate it, there are other components that are equally important to be aware of. Do you know what a sewer cleanout is?

Hawaii Drain Pros is here to help you maintain your sewer system and be prepared for any repairs or service on your sewer lines. If you need more information on Oahu sewer cleanout installation, keep reading or call our team today!

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What Is A Sewer Cleanout?

A sewer cleanout is basically a pipe that is attached to your sewer lines on one end and ends above ground. This capped pipe provides access to your sewer lines without having to dig them up to take a look. Sewer cleanouts are extremely important for proper plumbing care as well as effective repairs. If a plumbing team can’t easily access clogs, leaks and cracks to evaluate the situation, they might have to resort to more invasive maneuvers.

Do All Homes Have Sewer Cleanouts?

All homes should have sewer cleanouts, but unfortunately, some don’t. In 2012, building codes began requiring sewer cleanouts in homes. If your home was built in the past 10-15 years, you likely have a sewer cleanout on your lawn. To locate your cleanout, look for a capped pipe a few inches above the ground. Some cleanouts even have two pipes sticking up.

If you don’t have a lawn cleanout, your home’s cleanout might be located on the roof. Plumbers can still use this for repairs and maintenance. If you don’t have a sewer cleanout at all, your home may have been built with older materials.

Why Install A Sewer Cleanout Line?

When building a home, you’ll likely be automatically installing a sewer cleanout with the plumbing system. However, if your cleanout needs to be replaced or if your home doesn’t have one, there are several reasons why it’s important to get it installed soon.

Clog Removal

In the case that your sewer line or plumbing lines form a clog, plumbers use sewer cleanouts as the access point for special cameras and tools. Without this handy access point, the clog will be far more difficult to locate and remove. Some cases require the entire toilet to be removed to get to the pipes in question.

Sewer Line Maintenance

No matter what kind of sewer lines you have, time and weather take their toll on all materials. When your sewer lines are cracked, leaking or need other repairs, the sewer cleanout is the way plumbers can view the damage.

Increased Home Resale Value

With a sewer cleanout installed, your home could be worth more upon resale. If the potential buyer requests a line inspection, plumbers will be able to send a camera through easily, expediting the sale process and showing the buyers how accessible the home is for the future.

Need A Sewer Cleanout Installation?

Don’t trust just anyone with your sewer system — make sure the team can handle your sewer line needs flawlessly. Here at Hawaii Drain Pros, we can make sure that your cleanout is installed correctly and will serve your home for years. Give us a call today to start your service request!

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