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Oahu Sewer Rehabilitation

When it comes to your sewer lines, they’re usually left out of sight and mind. However, a sewer line repair or replacement can quickly become a costly and messy project. We all want to avoid a pipe leak or burst at all costs, but what happens when your sewer lines become damaged? Do you repair the problems? Is it better to replace the whole thing entirely?

Hawaii Drain Pros is proud to offer a compromise that will benefit you in many ways: sewer rehabilitation. With our team on your side, you’ll have a better chance at a non-invasive, long-lasting solution to your sewer problems. Give us a call today to start a service request!

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What Is Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation?

Traditional sewer repairs often include digging up the ground to access sewer lines. This affects the environment, neighborhood and even the timeline of the project. Trenchless sewer repair is a much better option, and sewer rehabilitation lands in this category. Sewer rehabilitation is simply a series of solutions that repair or replace sewer lines without digging up the current pipes. These solutions are proven to have major benefits and are designed to return the pipe function to brand new.

Types of Sewer Rehabilitation

There are several kinds of sewer rehabilitation that can be recommended depending on what repairs or problems are occurring inside your pipes.

  • Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP) — If your sewer line is having non-structural trouble like leaks, a sleeve can be inserted into the pipe. This sleeve supports a resin that is then applied to the inside of the pipe. After being exposed to heat or UV light, the resin coats the pipe, eliminating any leaks that are present.
  • Slip Lining — A new pipe made from materials like PVC or glass fiber reinforced polyester is inserted into the damaged pipe. It is made slightly smaller than the current pipe, so it will fit right inside it, renewing the barrier.
  • Pipe Bursting — A bursting head is pushed through the length of the damaged pipe, destroying the current pipe and pushing the fragments outwards. The new pipe is then pushed into place underground.

When Is Sewer Rehabilitation The Best Option?

The primary reasons that sewer rehabilitation is used are due to the reduced expense of the project or the need for non-invasive measures. Some sewer pipes physically can’t be dug up due to the presence of homes or other structures on top of them. A trenchless solution is then the only option, making rehabilitation necessary. Digging up and replacing the entire sewer pipe is also more expensive than bolstering the current system with better technology and materials. This is why many homeowners can benefit greatly from rehabilitation measures.

Interested In Sewer Rehabilitation?

If you have problems with your sewer lines or want to ensure no future issues arise, it’s best to speak with professional sewer rehabilitation companies like Hawaii Drain Pros. Our team will give you an honest recommendation and make sure the project proceeds smoothly. Give us a call today for more information!

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