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Sewer Line Dig Up Services

When it comes to a sewer line problem at your home, you’ll likely want the solution to be minimally invasive and as quick as possible. No one wants to deal with a sewer mess longer than they have to, and digging up sewer lines feels like a complex project to undertake.

Hawaii Drain Pros understands how disruptive it can be to dig up sewer pipes around your home, but sometimes it can’t be avoided. Our team will always attempt to perform a trenchless sewer repair or sewer rehabilitation first, and that’s why you can trust us when we recommend a sewer line dig up. Keep reading to learn the specific reasons why excavation services may be necessary and why a trustworthy team like ours makes the process quicker and smoother!

plumber digging up sewer line with tree roots clogging it

When Is A Sewer Dig Up Necessary?

Every home is different, and that’s why our team treats every service call with attention to detail. There are several reasons why your sewer repair or installation will require a sewer dig-up.

Pipe Material

As with most drain or sewer services, the material that your pipes are made of affects the process significantly. The material of your pipes determines the level of corrosion that could be happening underground. If too much corrosion, damaged joints or other consequences of age are occurring, the team might recommend a sewer dig up to be able to completely address the problem.

Soil Status

Trenchless techniques actually depend on the sewer line being in relatively good condition. Soil can cause collapses, shifts in pipes and even situations like frozen soil which complicate the project and prohibit the use of no-dig tactics. The team will need to evaluate the condition of the soil surrounding the pipes, and they might decide that the most effective way to solve your sewer clog or repair is to go ahead and dig up the lines.

Pipe Removal

In the case that a section of pipe is severely damaged, corroded or blocked, we might need to remove it altogether to restore the flow of waste. There’s no way to remove a section of pipe without digging it up. This could be a necessity that our team must complete.

Tree Roots

Tree roots are commonly known to invade both drain and sewer pipes underground. While plumbing teams do have special tools designed to cut through tree roots, some trees are stubborn. If the tools can’t clear the pipe, the line might need to be dug up for complete access.

Sewer Line Rapid Response

If you are having preventative work done on your sewer lines, you might not be as stressed as an emergency sewer leak or repair. No matter what, our team uses experience and skill to limit the damage as much as we can. Even if we have to dig up sewer pipe under a slab, we take the utmost care and caution to ensure your home is safe and operational.

Plumbers You Can Trust

Here at Hawaii Drain Pros, our team never cuts corners. That’s why you can trust our team to do what’s best for your home and your budget. We will always be upfront and honest about your sewer condition, and we work to make the process stress-free! If you need a plumbing team that will go above and beyond for you every step of the way, you know who to call.

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