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Hawaii Drain Pros provides full-service sewer repair in Pearl City, HI, and the surrounding areas. If your plumbing is showing signs of distress, our talented technicians and technologically advanced repair techniques can help. From simple drain snaking to more complex trenchless pipe lining, we have an assortment of services to bring quick, reliable repairs to your residential or commercial pipes.

Accurately Pinpointing Sewer Pipe Damage

Finding the exact location of your pipeline issue is the first step in an effective repair. When our knowledgeable sewer repair specialists visit your home or office, they can search for an existing pipeline cleanout hole. If one can’t be found, we can find a strategic location and carefully dig down to your pipe. Then, we can insert a high-resolution sewer camera into the pipe and watch the footage it records as it snakes throughout the pipeline. The footage can give our team clear insight into where cracks, blockages, breaks, and other damage are located within the sewer line.

Efficiently Preparing Pipes for Sewer Repair in Pearl City, HI

The detailed sewer camera inspection can help us pinpoint locations of damage and help us determine the most effective cleaning solution. Cleaning your pipes prior to repair services is important because it removes scale buildup and debris that could hinder the repair’s effectiveness. Hawaii Drain Pros has different options when it comes to cleaning services. Hydro jetting is a popular drain cleaning method that uses high-pressure water to scour away obstructions while descaling and drain snaking use professional-grade tools to grind away and snag clogs and buildup. All of our cleaning methods are highly effective, and when completed by our expertly trained technicians, can get your pipes prepped and ready for a successful sewer repair in Pearl City, HI.

Precisely Repairing Pearl City Sewer Pipes

Once your residential or commercial sewer pipes have been inspected and cleaned, our team can begin sewer repair in Pearl City, HI. In many cases, we utilize trenchless pipe lining, which is a non-invasive, efficient, and economical solution that eliminates the need for excavation. Instead of digging up your property to access your damaged pipeline, we can insert an epoxy-saturated felt tube liner into your pipe through the sewer camera access hole. We can maneuver the liner through the pipeline, cure it to the interior of your damaged pipe, and create a brand new and seamless pipe in its place. Without removing your damaged pipe, we can give you a durable pipeline that should serve your plumbing system well for many years.

In some cases, only a small section of pipeline needs repair services. In these scenarios, we can utilize section point repair. Instead of lining your entire pipeline, we can selectively repair the confined portion and quickly restore the structural integrity of your sewer pipes. Like pipe lining, section point repair is non-disruptive to your property and can be completed quickly and accurately by our trained team.

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