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Hawaii Drain Pros is a locally-owned and –operated sewer and drain specialist. As the Pearl City expert in plumbing inspections, cleanings, and repairs, we offer a variety of quality services to keep your plumbing in Pearl City, HI, working like it should. Whether it’s your residential or commercial plumbing that needs assistance, we have the dependable solutions you need.

Reliable Drainage System Experts

When delivered by expertly trained professionals, our reliable plumbing solutions can restore the condition of your pipes and drains. We pride ourselves on having a talented, fully licensed and insured team of plumbing specialists who care about providing the highest quality customer service. Our honest technicians respect every customer and work hard to make sure that all needs are met. Your time and budget matters to us, and we work hard to keep our services budget-friendly and on schedule. Keeping our valued customers protected is important to us, and we’re the team you can count on for plumbing in Pearl City, HI, and the surrounding areas.

Precise Inspection and Drain Cleaning Services

You can count on Hawaii Drain Pros to provide services that exceed expectations. Two of our popular services are sewer camera inspections and drain cleaning. Our sewer camera is a hi-tech tool that allows us to quickly and easily see what’s going on inside your pipes. In the past, assessing a pipeline’s condition required digging up a property until the problem was found. The excavation-heavy process could be quite time consuming and messy, but with the sewer camera, we only have to dig a small and strategically located hole. We can send the camera into the pipe through the small hole, let it snake through the pipeline, and watch the footage it transmits from your plumbing in Pearl City, HI.

Using the footage, which can clue us into your pipe’s condition and age, can help us prepare an effective drain cleaning solution. In many cases, we can use environmentally safe hydro jetting to remove debris and buildup from your pipes. Hydro jetting is an effective service that sends high-pressure, clean water through your pipes to flush out obstructions. We can also use our professional-grade drain snake to snag and remove clogs or our descaling equipment to safely grind away scale and pipeline debris.

Full-Service Trenchless Repairs

In some cases, pipeline repair may be necessary. Hawaii Drain Pros offers innovative trenchless repair solutions that don’t require extensive excavation. With our pipe lining service, we can build a brand-new pipe within your old one. We can send an epoxy-saturated felt liner into your damaged pipe, seamlessly cure it against your pipeline interior, and build a durable pipe. Whether we need to line your entire Pearl City pipe or just a small section, our trenchless repair services are effective, efficient, and advantageous for your plumbing in Pearl City, HI.

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Learn more about any of our quality plumbing services. In addition to our inspections, cleanings, and sewer repairs, we’re proud to offer 247 emergency plumbing services. Keeping our customers satisfied is at the core of our business, so give us a call or contact us online to schedule an appointment.






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Extremely personable and professional team. Both technicians answered all my questions with no issues. They worked quickly and made a house call late evening to rectify my issue. Great service, ...
Kwelisha Jackson
TOTAL lifesavers! 6pm on a Friday night with a water pipe break shooting up into the trees - PANIC!!! But Hawaii Drain Pros handled it all calmly, professionally & immediately - so very grateful for their service!!!
Dara Carlin, M.A.
Five stars all the way. They really care about their customers and making sure they honor their word in everything they do. Also everyone is very friendly and easy to work with from the initial call all the way through the end of the job...
Jherard Miller

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