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At Hawaii Drain Pros, we may specialize in drain cleaning but we also offer pipe lining services in Kailua, HI, and nearby areas. We make sure that the trenchless sewer pipe lining you need is completed without disrupting your daily routine. Plus, we keep prices low, move quickly, and help our customers understand the services they need.

How Do You Know You Have Sewer Problems?

When you hear running water around the property, you should contact us so that you can meet with one of our pipe lining contractors. You might see sewage rising to the surface, or you might notice an odd smell around your property. Some people have already had a backup, or you might want to schedule a sewer pipe lining service.

How Do We Perform Pipe Lining?

We send a licensed plumber to your location, and we will assess the situation before offering an estimate for the repairs. Trenchless pipe lining can help you avoid costly and frequent repairs, and we can recommend point repair wherein we will dig a tiny hole to reach the pipes. We make sure that your pipes will last longer, and we conduct trenchless pipe lining that will cover cracks and stop leaks. Our pipe lining contractors use trenchless sewer pipe lining procedures. The material we use is malleable. Once it hardens inside the pipes, we can create a pipe within the existing pipe

Sewer pipe lining can be done if you need a new internal pipe. Our pipe lining contractors can complete much more complex pipe lining services for your business, and we will come back for service and repairs any time you need it. Additionally, you can rely on Hawaii Drain Pros for emergency services.

Why Trust Our Services?

Our team has experts in trenchless sewer pipe lining. Our pipe lining contractors have a track record of service in the trenchless sewer pipe lining field, and we will let you know when the pipes might need to be replaced. We want to ensure an efficient sewer pipe lining and we will complete the job quickly by capping it off with a point repair when needed.

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Contact us today when you need trenchless pipe lining in Kailua, HI, and nearby areas. This is the most affordable and simplest way to repair sewer lines. Call us or fill out our form to schedule an appointment with Hawaii Drain Pros.






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Extremely personable and professional team. Both technicians answered all my questions with no issues. They worked quickly and made a house call late evening to rectify my issue. Great service, ...
Kwelisha Jackson
TOTAL lifesavers! 6pm on a Friday night with a water pipe break shooting up into the trees - PANIC!!! But Hawaii Drain Pros handled it all calmly, professionally & immediately - so very grateful for their service!!!
Dara Carlin, M.A.
Five stars all the way. They really care about their customers and making sure they honor their word in everything they do. Also everyone is very friendly and easy to work with from the initial call all the way through the end of the job...
Jherard Miller

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