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If you have sudden pipe problems you need to resolve, make sure to consult the experts right away. Hawaii Drain Pros is dedicated to providing efficient trenchless pipe lining procedures, which lead to immediate and long-term results. We take the time to explain every trenchless sewer pipe lining that we perform to our clients, and our pipe lining contractors exercise caution to make sure that the issue does not become worse.

Common Pipe Issues

Some of the most common pipe issues that require trenchless pipe lining procedures include cracks and tears. Sometimes, the plumbing system’s primary material may start to show signs of obvious wear. Other times, there may be damage from an external force, such as tree roots beginning to grow into the pipe. Regardless of the cause of the issue, it almost always manifests in higher water bills and visible signs of water damage.

The Pipe Lining Process

The sewer pipe lining process always begins with a thorough cleaning. As a standard part of our pipe lining services in Honolulu, HI, and nearby areas, we clear away all the debris and buildup inside pipes and make sure that the surface material is free from obstruction. Once done, our pipe lining contractors use a malleable material that will harden once inside the pipes, eventually growing strong enough to act as a second pipe within the existing system to protect it from future damage.

The Benefits of Pipe Lining

Our pipe lining services are built to last. Because of the nature of every trenchless sewer pipe lining procedure, you never have to worry about undue damage to your ground or floors. Every sewer pipe lining procedure that Hawaii Drain Pros performs is done through the inside of the pipes themselves. Our pipe lining contractors are highly skilled and trained in the process itself, and all of our pipe lining services are designed to be fast and easy. We ensure immediate results after the procedure is complete.

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At Hawaii Drain Pros, we are always ready to help with any procedure, ranging from routine sewer pipe lining to emergency trenchless pipe lining procedures. When you are ready to work with our professionals, be sure to give us a call. You may also fill out our online contact form when you need to schedule an appointment with our team for a trenchless sewer repair or any other plumbing service you need. We serve Honolulu, HI, and nearby areas.






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Extremely personable and professional team. Both technicians answered all my questions with no issues. They worked quickly and made a house call late evening to rectify my issue. Great service, ...
Kwelisha Jackson
TOTAL lifesavers! 6pm on a Friday night with a water pipe break shooting up into the trees - PANIC!!! But Hawaii Drain Pros handled it all calmly, professionally & immediately - so very grateful for their service!!!
Dara Carlin, M.A.
Five stars all the way. They really care about their customers and making sure they honor their word in everything they do. Also everyone is very friendly and easy to work with from the initial call all the way through the end of the job...
Jherard Miller

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