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Valve Installation in Oahu

Although there are many things that homeowners can do to check or repair their plumbing systems, valves are not one of them. Not only can it be dangerous for inexperienced people to work on complex plumbing like valves, but it can lead to disasters like leaks. Valves are used in many different ways throughout your house, so the best way to ensure your valve is installed or replaced correctly is to trust a professional.

All Aloha Plumbing has the skill and experience to locate any valve that is causing trouble and install a new one promptly. Since these valves are located inside walls, under floors and other complicated places, you don’t want to stress about the entire process. Let us worry about it so that you don’t have to. Give us a call for all valve installation services!

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What Are Valves?

A plumbing valve is simply a fitting installed in your pipes to regulate the flow of water to certain areas. Sometimes the water flowing to your home or within your home needs to be controlled more strictly to avoid any damage or to provide more precise comfort.

Shower Valve Installation

One of the most common valve installations controls your shower water. There are two valves that control the hot and cold water coming from your shower head. If these valves need replacing, it’s not an easy job to just find and replace them. A professional will know how to install the new valve with minimal intrusion to your bathroom, keeping the project concise and effective.

Pressure-Reducing Valve Installation

Pressure Reducing Valves (PRV) are necessary in some homes. If the water flowing from the municipal water source is moving at a high rate of speed, it will have a higher pressure than that inside the pipes of your home. The PRV controls the amount of pressure entering your home’s pipes so that they aren’t damaged. If the pressure of the water at the street is more than 80psi, your home will likely be required to have a PRV. That’s why an expert team like Hawaii Drain Pros is so important!

Shut-Off Valve Installation

As the name implies, these valves are meant to stop the flow of water into homes or specific fixtures. The most well-known shut-off valve in your home is the one used to cut off the water supply to the entire house. However, your home actually has several kinds of shut-off valves installed to serve different purposes. Some control the water flow inside specific pipes, others stop the flow of water to certain fixtures like the toilet. Shut-off valves are pretty important, especially when you find you need to shut off the water and you can’t! The good news is that our plumbing team can handle all kinds of valve installations to keep your home in working order!

Need A Valve Installed?

If a valve in your home needs replacing or installing, don’t stress out over it. Call on Hawaii Drain Pros to use our expertise on your home! Our team is ready to help you out, you just have to give us a call and start a service request!

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