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Oahu New Fixture Installation

Your plumbing system can operate smoothly to heat water and deliver it to your sinks and showers all day long, but does it come out of rusty or broken fixtures? If you have unreliable fixtures as the last leg of your water delivery system, you could suffer from poor water quality or annoying inconveniences. Plus, your plumbing fixtures highly affect the tone and look of your kitchen and bathrooms. You want the fixtures you use to be attractive and operational!

Hawaii Drain Pros knows how quickly your plumbing fixtures can turn into a stressor in your home. That’s why we provide plumbing fixture installation services to the Oahu area. If something as simple as a showerhead installation could make your life better and your house run smoother, why not do it? Call us today for your fixture installation needs!

Bathroom Fixture Installation

Your bathroom should be a place of relaxation where you can prepare yourself for the day, not a source of anxiety! You may be surprised how much new fixtures can change the feeling and operation of your bathroom. It might be time to replace some fixtures or upgrade them to match your home’s design.


You use your bathroom faucets every single day, so why shouldn’t they be beautiful and work great? Our team at Hawaii Drain Pros works hard to make your faucet replacement flawless. With extra care taken inside your home, our team ensures that the old faucet is removed safely and the new one is installed with precision.


You may not look above your head very often when you shower, but your showerhead can easily change how you’re able to relax and refresh yourself every day. Whether you want to simply replace a current showerhead or you’re ready to upgrade to a filtration or energy-saving showerhead, you’ll need some expert help!

Handles and more!

Our plumber can even help you with shower handles, tub accessories, toilet handles and many more small replacements that can make your bathroom an oasis again. Now’s the time to use the expertise of our team to make your bathrooms feel and operate how you want them to!

Kitchen Fixture Installations

Your kitchen is the hub of your home, and that means it needs to work every time you need it to. Plus, with guests and family gathering to spend tie together, you want an attractive place that you’re proud to invite people into. Even something as simple as your kitchen faucet can make a big difference in your design and utilization of the sink. Here are some common reasons homeowners decide to replace their kitchen faucet:

hawaii drain pros plumber and customer examining a sink
  • It’s broken
  • It’s rusting or dated
  • It no longer matches the design of the kitchen
  • Homeowners need a different kind of faucet for their uses
  • Upgrading to a water-saving model

When was the last time you really looked at your kitchen faucet? It might be time to consider installing a new one.

Need New Fixtures? We Can Help!

Hawaii Drain Pros is your go-to team for all fixture installation needs. We know how to take your vision and make it a reality. When you need a reliable team to take care of your fixture installation, you know who to call. Contact us today to get started!

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