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Things are Changing at Hawaii Drain Pros

Hawaii Drain Pros is changing to All Aloha Plumbing!

A few things are changing here at Hawaii Drain Pros, but not our great service! We are officially changing our name to All Aloha Plumbing. Heard of All Aloha Plumbing before? That’s because they are our sister company on Maui. This move is to consolidate our brand to create a stronger plumbing company to serve Hawaiians.

We’re the same plumbers with the same service, we’re just changing the name!

Exceptional Plumbing Services

For over a decade, Hawaii Drain Pros has been serving Honolulu and surrounding areas with pristine plumbing services you can’t find anywhere else. You can’t leave your plumbing system in the hands of just anyone. Contact the pros and we’ll get the job done right the first time. We’re dedicated to offering the whole island of Oahu quality plumbing services. That’s why we serve not just Honolulu, but Pearl City, Mililani, Kailua, Kaneohe and other surrounding areas. We also recognize that when disaster strikes, you can’t afford to wait around for a plumber. That’s why we offer 24/7 emergency services. So, whether you need a sewer inspected, a drain unclogged or a water heater installed, you can count on us to be there.

Professional Drain Cleaners

When you need your drains cleaned or inspected, there’s only one company you can call. Here at Hawaii Drain Pros, we’re experts when it comes to all things drains. Our technicians are trained to handle all issues. We spare no expense when it comes to fixing clogged drains. That’s why we utilize state-of-the-art technology, equipment and service tactics to inspect and repair pipes and drains. From environmentally-friendly hydro jetting to high-quality descaling and even drain snaking, you can rest easy knowing your drains are in good hands with professionals. We also offer a preventative drain cleaning service, so you can avoid clogs in the future.

Reliable Plumbing Services

If a plumbing problem arises, you can’t afford to leave it in the hands of someone you can’t trust to do the job right. You need someone you know will get the job done efficiently and correctly, so you can get back to worrying about the important things. That’s why you need Hawaii Drain Pros. Our team will walk you through our process so you always know what to expect. Each member of our professional drain cleaning team is honest, reliable, clean, and highly trained to address all types of plumbing issues on Oahu.

Water Heater Installation and Repair

That last thing anyone needs is a broken or malfunctioning water heater. You can never go too long without hot water. That’s why we offer all the necessary services needed to keep your water heater working right. From standard water heaters to tankless water heaters, we can assist you with all of your water heater needs. If your water heater does start to have issues, don’t hesitate to call Hawaii Drain Pros and take advantage of our 24/7 emergency service.

If you do find it’s time to upgrade your water heater, don’t worry. We can help you find the perfect water heater for your home. And when it’s time to install it, we can get the job done promptly.

Exceptional Kitchen and Bathroom Plumbing

Do it yourself kitchen plumbing can be complicated and if you aren’t using the right tools, you may just make the problem worse. Don’t hesitate to contact Hawaii Drain Pros for all your kitchen plumbing issues. Our team has seen it all, so whether you have a clogged drain, a leak or need help with your garbage disposal, you can count on our team to get the job done.

Kitchen plumbing isn’t our only specialty. We can also help you with your bathroom plumbing as well. Fixing clogged or damaged bathroom pipes can be a dirty job. Let the experts handle it and contact Hawaii Drain Pros to fix it.

Dependable Slab Leak Detection and Repair

Having a slab leak can be a big cause of stress. Fixing them can often be time-consuming and costly. And if you don’t have the right training or tools, finding that leak can be nearly impossible. Here at Hawaii Drain Pros, we only use the best technology so we can find that leak with no problem. That’s because we always do the job right so you can get back to your routine.

We start our repair process by using a variety of tools to pinpoint the exact location of the leak. Once found, we’ll walk you through our repair process so you know exactly what to expect. We’ll get to work on the repair right away and get it done as efficiently as possible.

Trusty Sewer Inspections and Repair

A broken sewer pipe can cause a lot of expensive damage to your home and property. You can avoid this nightmare by scheduling routine sewer inspections to make sure your sewer lines are in good condition. We use only the best equipment when inspecting your sewer pipes so we can properly find any problems in your sewer system.

If a problem is found, we can make the proper repairs and get your sewer system back in working order promptly. We take extra steps to make sure no unnecessary damage is made to your property when repairs are made. That’s because we value our clients and always work hard to deliver a quality experience.

Premium Commercial Plumbing Services

We aren’t just committed to helping residential clients. We are devoted to helping as many people and businesses in Honolulu and the surrounding areas as possible. That’s why we also take on commercial clients. Commercial plumbing systems are complex and often get much more use than a residential plumbing system. You need professionals to examine your system regularly to make sure it’s working properly. Contact Hawaii Drain Pros and we’ll make sure your business’s plumbing system is in top shape. If something is found, we’ll be sure to fix it in a timely manner. Whether you need help with a clogged drain, a leaking pipe, or a water heater, we can assist you at your business just as easily as your home.

Plumbing Made Easy

We know how stressful plumbing issues can be. That’s why Hawaii Drain Pros is committed to making your experience as easy and simple as possible. If you are ready to fix that drain, leaking pipe, or water heater in your home or business, then contact Hawaii Drain Pros today!

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